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This year we will have our 13th Anniversary for our Tee-It-Up-For-Hope annual golf tournament. This is very exciting. This Year the tournament will be held at the Hyatt Hill Country Golf Club. If you are a golfer or you know golfers, please be sure to check it out or tell the golfers you know about it.

It is always a great time. We always offer great prizes, a good meal and lots of fun. You also get a goodie bag with very useful items and some great coupons, plus you have your picture taken with your team and sent to you. If that is not enough, you can go home with a great feeling knowing that just by having fun and taking part in the Tournament you have enhanced the lives of our Special Needs population at Texas Foundation of Hope because that's where the proceeds go. Can it get any better than that?

If you are a company looking for Tax breaks, this is the perfect opportunity. We have several levels of sponsorship which have great incentive packets that go with them. Please check them out here.

We look forward to meeting you or seeing you.

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