A bit of history

The Texas Foundation of Hope (TXFH), is a non-profit corporation that started as an idea in our founder Beatrice Stephen’s mind. It was born when her special needs daughter graduated from high school and had nothing to do and very few options.

There were only two places at the time that could accommodate her. Out of this need came the growth of a deep, passionate desire to develop a place where her daughter as well as others facing the same dilemma could have a place to go. A place where the future was bright and hope springs eternally. She was able to find others with the same mindset and today, we have developed an organization that is deeply committed to provide a safe environment where our members can find meaningful work, and develop lifetime relationships while working to maximize their full potential.

TXFH is currently at max capacity in the building we now rent. Our immediate goal is to find a facility that can accommodate our existing membership along with all the activities we are now involved. In addition, we need room to grow. Activities we now do include providing a cooked daily lunch for our staff, our members as well as delivering restaurant styled meals on Tuesday’s and Thursdays from our very own Café Hope. The kitchen is staffed by our members and they do an outstanding job on all meals. In addition to the building's, we need grounds large enough to facilitate our sports activities.

Long Term Goals

Our long term goal is to have a residential facility for members who need it. It will take the form of condominium style living quarters. The facility will also house a work place/day habilitation center for our non-resident members and will include a large sports complex. The sports complex will be built to accommodate the rental needs of our special needs San Antonio community.

One of our business models that help facilitate and make this goal a reality includes making handcrafted items which has the added benefit of creating jobs for our members. The products are then sold wholesale to retail stores around the San Antonio area. We also participate in local market days and community events in the surrounding areas.

Additional Long term Plans

Other business models that we employ:

  • Fundraiser for organizations such as schools and churches who sell our product and share in the proceeds from the sales
  • Annual golf tournament
  • Two annual large rummage sales (Please keep us in mind for donations when you are doing your spring and autumn cleanups)
  • Annual summer camp
  • Annual art expo where beautiful art pieces created by our members are sold

We actively seek grants and accept donations. We are always on the lookout for new donation partners. Please contact us with any potential partners you have in mind that may be able to help us in this area.

Social Activities

Social activities are necessary to make life enjoyable and meaningful and we have a plethora of such activities.

  • Field trips to places like Main Event, the movie theater, USS Lexington, etc
  • Birthday parties
  • Easter egg hunts
  • Haunted House
  • Vacation Bible School
  • Valentine dinner and dance
  • Thanksgiving dinner
  • Weekly Bible Studies
  • Plus many more

Delivering Happiness to Users

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